Due to Covid 19 we have a few changes in our procedure. Please visit our LC FAQ page or SG FAQ page to understand the changes. You will also be required to fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire and Digital Consent form. You can find those forms on the FAQ.

LC COVID-19 Response & questionnaire

Important points we want our clients to know:
• We are excited to get you all back in our chairs, doing what we love: tattooing and having fun!
• We appreciate your business more deeply than you know.
• We are enhancing our already superb cleaning policy to ensure the highest level of safety possible.
• We will do our very best to contact you in a timely fashion to get you rescheduled as quickly as possible if your appointment has been affected by this Pandemic. We deeply appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding.

General Rules:
-We are adhering to the 10-person maximum CLIENT capacity in the building.
-Unfortunately, this means that clients will not be allowed to bring visitors. (Therefore LC/SG has TEMPORARILY suspended piercing procedures for MINORS)
- One client will be allowed through the door at a time. Clients will not be allowed to congregate in the lobby.
-We expect that all artists and clients will wear masks at all times while in the building. Clients are welcome to bring their own mask if they choose. Please be sure your mask covers your nose and mouth at all times.
-Unfortunately, this means you cannot get a tattoo or piercing on your mouth or nose.  If it’s covered by a mask, we can’t pierce it
-We, as a Company, already hold ourselves to the highest standard of cleanliness and quality and are trained to handle blood borne pathogens and prevent cross contamination of droplets. So once in a station, business as usual!  **Of course, this does not remove all risk. Nothing can. Client assumes all responsibility for natural risk that is inherent in the tattooing process**

Consultations and Scheduling: Tattoo Consults/Scheduling is best done in person no matter the situation.
LC/SG is taking your and our health heavily into consideration.
When looking for a Price quote/Consult or to Schedule, please plan to come to the Studio, even now. CALL AHEAD. We are arranging these needs on a case by case basis. UPON ARRIVAL you will be asked to TEXT 402-999-7245 or CALL 402-926-4968
*Please remain in your vehicle or Maintain a respectful 6 ft distance from others not in your party. Masks ON.*
Your artist will come to greet you in the Parking Lot. HAVE YOUR MASK ON.
Your Artist will guide you to a safe area for individual consult.
For any more info, All Consults will be run as each artist prefers. Reach out to your specific artist for more info.

Day of appointment at Liquid Courage:
1)The day BEFORE your appointment, log on to our website to complete your electronic COVID-19 screening and consent form. (put URL link here)
2)When you arrive to your appointment, stay in your car.
3)Text your name to 402-999-7245 or call 402-926-4968 and your artist will come out to greet you.
Please remain in your car until your artist comes out to you.
4)When you enter the building, you will be asked to show State Issued I.D. (drivers lic., Military I.D., Passport, etc) wash your hands, HAVE YOUR MASK ON or put on a clean mask. We will also ask that you wipe off your phone with disinfectant if you plan on using it during your tattoo session.
5)Then, let the tattooing begin!
6)Once your tattoo is finished and you are bandaged-up and ready to go, your artist will walk you to the exit, where you will take off your mask (if supplied by LC/SG), put it in the designated receptacle, and wash your hands again. You also have the option of disinfecting your phone again if you choose.
-Aftercare instructions will be sent to you electronically.

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