Due to Covid 19 we have a few changes in our procedure. Please visit our LC FAQ page or SG FAQ page to understand the changes. You will also be required to fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire and Digital Consent form. You can find those forms on the FAQ.

SG COVID-19 response & questionnaire

Important points we want our clients to know:
-The Grave intends to return to BUSINESS AS USUAL as soon as is responsible to do so.

*First come, first served in person will be back.
-We built this company to have energy, excitement and LIFE.
-We appreciate your business. IN ALL FORMS. But the life and energy comes from spending time as a GROUP. Together.
-In this TEMPORARY and unprecedented time we are enhancing our policies already superb cleaning policy to ensure the highest level of safety possible.
-We have a plan on how it will work for now:
*As a walk-in tattoo studio, we understand that the very nature of our daily routine must change in response to the pandemic for the safety of our clients and crew.
So bear with us as we fine tune some new processes!
In the meantime, we're calling this "Phase 1".
-Basically, rather than lining up outside, your spot in our "line" will be done via text.
-No lines will be allowed during Phase 1.
-Please keep in mind that you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth the entire time you are in the shop.
-Also, due to capacity restrictions,  you will not be allowed to bring a guest

PHASE 1 Plan
***Sailor's Grave ONLY*****
1) "CHECK IN/Line up" begins 10AM. (Not 9:59am) Via TEXT ONLY.
TEXT your name and design/picture or BRIEF description to
2) You will receive an auto response with link to the SG online Consent Form and Covid Survey. Both are required to get tattooed/pierced.
SURVEY begins at the bottom of this page.
3)Complete your consent form online ASAP because it is required to HOLD YOUR SPOT IN LINE.
4) Starting around 11am you will receive a response via text with your appointment time.
5) Reply YES/OK/🏻 to confirm said time OR NO/NOPE/🏽 if that won't work for you
6) Arrive in Benson 20-30 minutes before your anticipated tattoo/piercing time. (To allow for variations in time estimates)
7) SG will text you when your artist is finishing up with their previous client so you can make your way to the shop!!
8) Your artist will come outside to greet you and check your I.D. so please have it ready and have your mask on.


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