In my early teenage years I became interested in tattoos.  At the age of 18 I got my first tattoo. In my early 20's I started getting large scale tattoo work, which for my desire to learn to tattoo.  In 1999, had the opportunity to start working at a reputable Omaha street shop.  After starting at the bottom, I was fortunate enough to apprentice under Omaha tattoo legend and third generation tattooer, Ira Handlon.  In November, 2001, I started tattooing.  I enjoy tattooing classic tattoo imagery, skulls, roses, traditional Japanese and especially tattoos that honor mothers. Starting May 2014, I joined the Liquid Courage and Sailors Grave Tattoo companies to expand my knowledge and abilities within the field of tattooing and painting.  When I am not tattooing,  I hand build custom tattoo machines that are used by tattooers worldwide.